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Shenyang Chemical successfully achieved the annual production target of 200,000 tons of paste resin

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Shenyang Chemical successfully achieved the annual production target of 200,000 tons of paste resin

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

At 8:27 on December 22, with the 10 million bag of paste resin products off the assembly line, it marked that Shenyang Chemical's 2018 paste resin production reached 200,000 tons, and the quality of the eight brands produced reached 99.7%. Successful achievement of the standard.

The annual production capacity of 200,000 tons is the design capacity of paste resin and ion-exchange membrane caustic soda in Shenyang New Chemical Plant. In order to achieve this goal, the company has made a lot of efforts in the production of the whole year. Especially in the fourth quarter, the production series specially held a mobilization meeting, determined to work for 80 days, and used the "double 200,000 tons" historical high-yield record to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the factory.

Achieving "double 200,000 tons", the output of the two main products, paste resin and caustic soda, increased by more than 13% year-on-year. This increase will bring great difficulties to production deployment arrangements, equipment maintenance, and equipment maintenance. Although faced with many challenges, the company's employees will be determined and the safeguard measures will be solid and powerful.

This year's power outage overhaul was originally planned to take 10 days. With the unremitting efforts of the employees, all the maintenance tasks were successfully completed in 7 days. The PVC plant also requires employees to “satisfy and calculate accounts every day”, refine the daily paste resin production tasks to the sections, teams and positions, quantify the indicators, follow up at various levels, and restrict production problems, and immediately solve them. In order to ensure the supply of vinyl chloride monomer, the acetylene branch factory planned to replace and repair the 175-meter calcium carbide conveyor belt and related equipment in 60 hours. In the end, it only took 36 hours to complete the task. When the chlor-alkali branch plant replaces the B-column electrolytic cell diaphragm, the maintenance cycle is compressed from 22 days to 15 days, and 4 cell frames are added for each tank to greatly increase the caustic soda production. In order to ensure production stability and increase production, the company's party committee also organized a number of thematic activities such as “not forgetting the initial intention of the party, bearing in mind the post, and being a fortress”, insisting on “where is the difficulty of production, where is the activity going?” It is a strong guarantee that every important work has a model of the party members.

Located in the north, winter, snow, and snow have also become a stable production. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the power supply equipment, all the power plant inspections, dead weather and death, and resolutely ensure that the equipment does not appear any failure. The branch also conducts comprehensive overhaul of the production system electric heat tracing and the whole plant lighting to prevent freezing of the device under low temperature and ensure the safety of employees at night. Smooth water supply and steam supply is a prerequisite for stable production and high production. The water and steam plant conducts a comprehensive inspection of the heating equipment and replaces all equipment accessories that are not affected in summer but are prone to problems in winter. The security department, skill department, enterprise management office and equipment management department also entered the winter combat state in advance. Safety management, energy conservation measures, Sanji management, equipment maintenance and other programs were issued to the branches before the winter. Conducted on a daily basis to provide a solid guarantee for the successful completion of the annual target.

On December 22, Shenyang chemical caustic soda production reached 197,000 tons, and by December 27, the output also reached 200,000 tons. At this point, Shenyang Chemical's "double 200,000 tons" production target was successfully achieved.

Shenyang Chemical Industry Annual Output

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