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Sanminghua Machine Pan Mingyun won the title of "National Technical Expert"

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Sanminghua Machine Pan Mingyun won the title of "National Technical Expert"

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

Recently, the 14th National High-skilled Talents Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. 167 high-skilled talents from 54 central enterprises were commended. 24 of them were awarded the honorary title of “China Skills Award” and 143 were awarded “National Technical expert" honorary title. The China Skills Awards and national technical experts are high-level government awards in the field of skilled talents in China. The highly qualified personnel who have been commended are outstanding models and outstanding representatives of the national industrial workers. Sanminghua Machine Pan Mingyun was awarded the honorary title of “National Technical Expert”.

Pan Mingyun is a CNC technician and senior technician of Sanming Chemical Machinery. He is diligent in research and excellence, and has made achievements in numerical control programming and complex parts processing of trampolines, which has overcome many processing problems. Pan Mingyun combined with the operating equipment characteristics and accumulated trampoline processing experience, compiled more than 300 processing procedures, these procedures are practical, and improve quality and efficiency, creating a brand, top grade, and international market for the "two-wheel" brand tire vulcanizing machine Made outstanding contributions. He has also won the honorary title of "Fujian Province May 1st Labor Medal", "Fujian Province Technical Experts", "Fujian Province Special Talents - Fujian Province Skills Master", "Enjoy State Council Special Allowance Experts", etc., and was Sanming City Human Resources And the Social Security Bureau awarded “Pan Mingyun Skill Master Studio”, which is a respected blue-collar worker.

While improving his skills, he did a good job of helping the band. He used the master studio to organize new techniques, digest drawings, improve professional theory, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of production tasks. Over the years, he has brought more than 30 people, four of whom have become the backbone of the workshop, one of whom is the squad leader and senior technician of the trampoline class.

The group company called on the majority of cadres and workers to learn from outstanding high-skilled personnel. All enterprises should speed up the construction of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative central enterprise skill talents, and provide strong talent guarantee for cultivating global enterprises with global competitiveness.

Sanming Chemical CNC

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