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Zhenghe Petrochemical two technology innovation studio unveiled

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Zhenghe Petrochemical two technology innovation studio unveiled

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

On November 22nd, Zhenghe Petrochemical “Green Water Treatment Innovation Studio” and “Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Studio” were officially unveiled.

In order to give full play to the potential of production equipment, further improve the utilization rate of water resources, and improve the quality and level of development of the company, Zhenghe Petrochemical is based on the actual development of the industry, focusing on the difficulty of upgrading the enterprise, with Wuhan University of Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, Qingdao Science and Technology Collaboration with scholars and experts from universities such as universities and China University of Petroleum (East China) established the “Green Water Treatment Innovation Studio” and “Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Studio”.

Among them, the Green Water Treatment Innovation Studio is dedicated to the research and development of water reuse technology, focusing on the integration of wastewater quality treatment, water reuse and series of green environmental protection chemicals and technology, so as to fully utilize the water resources in the industry. Near zero emissions provide new, more efficient solutions. The intelligent manufacturing innovation studio reads the crude oil and product analysis data and production data through LIMS and DCS, automatically establishes the mechanism model conforming to the device in real time, determines the good operating conditions and solutions, and adjusts the device to the card edge to maximize production. The potential for device innovation.

It is reported that Zhenghe Petrochemical attaches great importance to the use of scientific research and technology to promote the thrust and traction, and use new technologies to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading. At present, the company has a provincial R&D center, and has several professional research rooms, including water treatment research room, heavy oil research room, and clean oil research room. It has 80 patented technologies and has accumulated professional technology. More than 100 papers.

The establishment of “Green Water Treatment Innovation Studio” and “Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Studio” has set up a new platform for the company's scientific and technological research and development work. Through the introduction of wisdom and wisdom, it has further enhanced the ability of special research and development, and the company's high-quality development. Infused with new power.

Zhenghe Petrochemical Innovation

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