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Zhonglan Changhua Yiyan Lake Lithium Technology won the Inorganic Chemical Industry Invention Award

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Zhonglan Changhua Yiyan Lake Lithium Technology won the Inorganic Chemical Industry Invention Award

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

At the 38th China Chemical Industry Society's Inorganic Acid and Alkali Salt Academic and Technical Exchange Conference held recently, the units and scientific and technological workers who contributed to the inorganic chemical industry during the period from 2016 to 2018 were commended, and Zhonglan Changhua independently developed Nanofiltration membrane method salt lake brine separation and enrichment and enrichment process has won the "Inorganic Chemical Technology Award - Technology Invention Award".


In recent years, with the demand for lithium resources in new energy vehicles, mobile phone batteries and metal smelting raw materials, lithium has become one of the important strategic resources of modern industry. Salt Lake Lithium has become the focus of investment with its low cost advantage. However, due to the large differences in the physical and chemical properties of brines, the key technical problems of the separation of magnesium and lithium from high-magnesium-lithium than salt lake brines and the difficulty in enriching lithium carbonates in carbonated lakes are urgently needed. There is no mature technology and engineering in China. Case. The advent of Zhonglan Changhua “Nanofiltration membrane salt lake brine separation and enrichment and enrichment and extraction process” has effectively solved this world problem.

The technical achievements use proprietary technology special membranes to break through the technical defects of low lithium salinity resistance caused by traditional membrane method, and innovate the lithium extraction technology of modern salt lakes, especially the lithium core of carbonated salt lake brine to form a core technology with independent intellectual property rights. . The membrane separation has realized the interception of carbonate, and solved the practical problems and key technical problems of no clay resources in the carbonated salt lake area, poor construction conditions of salt fields, low lithium yield and difficult process development technology.

In the process of conquering this technology, Zhonglan Changhua Research Team fully carried forward the spirit of daring to endure hardship, dare to fight hard, and unite and cooperate. It has been stationed in the plateau areas such as Qinghai and Tibet for a long time, and carried out research projects to overcome the poor working conditions and harsh climate. Waiting for many difficulties. The award is not only a full affirmation of the hard work and hard work of the China Blue Changhua research team, but also a high recognition of the company's breakthrough in the field of lithium extraction technology in the salt lake, which is conducive to enhancing the company's industry influence and core competitiveness. Further develop a good foundation for the environmental protection and new energy business market.

The conference was jointly sponsored by the China Chemical Industry Society's Inorganic Acid and Alkali Salt Professional Committee, the China Petroleum Institute Ocean Oil Branch, and the Inorganic Salt Industry magazine. The theme was “Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection for Industrial Transformation, Innovation and Wisdom Drives Green Development”. Nearly 200 people from industry-related experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the conference.

Medium blue technology

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