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The Zhonglan Changhua Working Group went to the Xiangxi Huayuan to carry out fixed-point assistance.

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The Zhonglan Changhua Working Group went to the Xiangxi Huayuan to carry out fixed-point assistance.

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

In order to respond positively to the call of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, 20 voluntary long-term support cadres of Zhonglan Changhua recently gathered to go to the poverty-stricken point of help--the dam village of Huayu County, Xiangxi Miao and Tujia Autonomous Prefecture, visited the villagers and carried out poverty alleviation work. .

Donating school uniforms to teachers and students in the primary school of the dam village is an important activity of this trip. There are 178 students and 13 teachers in the primary school of the dam village. Most of the students are “left-behind children” in the village. Due to the local economic poverty, the desire to unify school uniforms throughout the school has not been realized. After learning about the situation, Zhonglan Changhua Residents Working Group timely reflected that the company's party committee immediately arranged 191 sets of uniforms for the teachers and students of the school, and sent them to the teachers and students before the autumn. At the donation ceremony of "Warming Left-behind Children, Donating Love School Uniforms", a couplet of "Baoba Primary School Lizhizhi Qufang, Zhonglan Changhua Daai Run Sanxiang" is particularly eye-catching. The company's leaders encourage the children to study hard and serve the society in the future, contributing to changing the appearance of their hometown.

It is the main task of this trip to find out the reasons for the poverty of the villagers so that accurate assistance can be achieved. In order to understand as much as possible the basic situation of the support objects in a short period of time, the working group and the village will be divided into 6 groups. Under the leadership of the village cadres, the rain will go deep into the poor households to visit, in a way that is common. Understand the labor situation and income sources of each family, analyze the causes of poverty together, and consider future plans for poverty alleviation. Some poor households were not at home during the day, and the visiting group went to the home to visit the house at night. In just one day, the visiting group completed the household survey of 87 poor households, accounting for 84% of the number of poor households assisted by the company. The remaining unfinished will continue to be carried out by the company's resident cadres. In the face of the enthusiastic help of cadres, the villagers are grateful to the party and the government.

Subsequently, the cadres were assisted to visit the nearby 18-hole village. The 18-hole village is the place where General Secretary Xi Jinping visited in 2013. Here, he put forward the idea of “precise poverty alleviation”. Helping cadres have witnessed the tremendous changes brought about by the poverty alleviation and the 18-hole village, and further strengthened the determination and confidence to help the poor. Everyone said that as a member of the poverty alleviation team, they actively responded to the party's call and worked hard to help the villagers to get on the road to poverty alleviation.

Zhonglan Changhua carries out assistance work

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