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Shenyang Chemicals further paste resin product passed the acceptance of industrialization project

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Shenyang Chemicals further paste resin product passed the acceptance of industrialization project

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

After nearly two years of active work, Shenyang Chemical's "PSH-50 polyvinyl chloride paste resin product industrialization" project has successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of Shenyang's important technological innovation research and development and scientific and technological achievements transformation center, and began industrial production.

PSH-50 polyvinyl chloride paste resin is independently developed by Shenyang Chemical Industry and has obtained invention patents. In 2016, the product industrialization project was included in the science and technology development plan by the Shenyang Municipal Government and received 1 million yuan of government funding. In 2017, this project was listed in the “Double Hundred Project” by Shenyang City, becoming a major scientific and technological research and development project, and received another 1 million yuan of government funding. In September this year, Shenyang City, an important technology innovation research and development and scientific and technological achievements transformation center organized experts, made a special trip to Shenyang Chemical to review and accept the project. During the period, the project leader of the company's deputy chief engineer, Ma Jing, detailed the significance, research and development process and market prospects of developing the product. Upon examination, the expert group issued the results of the confirmation in recent days: the project has completed the research content and verification indicators stipulated in the contract, and it can be industrialized through acceptance.

Although the PSH-50 polyvinyl chloride paste resin can directly utilize the existing micro-suspension polymerization process of Shenyang Chemical, the development process still encounters many difficulties, especially during the trial production process, it has difficulty in feeding, unstable polymerization control, spray drying. Process polymerization latex demulsification and many other difficult problems. To this end, the company's scientific research personnel have repeatedly studied, constantly simulating industrial production conditions in the process of small test and pilot test, and finally found the crux of the problem and solved related difficulties.

In the process of developing this product, Shenyang Chemical Researcher also carried out many innovations. Among them, the company's compound emulsification system can effectively ensure the paste viscosity, degassing and transparency of the product; the production process continues to be stable by exploring the compounding ratio. It is easy to control and easy for industrial production. It adopts the unique buffer system, which can effectively improve the thermal stability of the paste resin and ensure the high transparency and non-discoloration of the downstream products during processing and use.

PSH-50 polyvinyl chloride paste resin is mainly used in the production of downstream products such as latex gloves. Compared with other grades, this grade has excellent performance. Under the same plasticizing conditions, it can reduce plasticizing temperature and time, reduce production cost and increase glove output. Experts have verified that this product developed by Shenyang Chemical has reached the international level of similar products and filled the domestic gap. After the industrial production of this product, it will play an active role in promoting the overall development of China's PVC paste resin industry.

Shenyang Chemical Technology

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