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Chinas four major chemical equipment brands unveiled at 2018 International Rubber Technology Exhibition

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Chinas four major chemical equipment brands unveiled at 2018 International Rubber Technology Exhibition

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

On September 19th, the 18th China Rubber Technology Exhibition (Rubber Tech China 2018) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. KraussMaffei Berstorff, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Yi Rubber Machine (Yiyang Rubber Machine), GRM (Guilin Rubber Machine) and FJSINO-RUBBER (Hua Rubber Automatic Control) four brands inside and outside the sea (N1 Hall, booth 1A351), through physical, multimedia and other ways, recommend and display Rubber machinery product technology and solutions. At the exhibition, the equipment company's rubber machine enterprise's high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality intelligent product solutions are quite bright.

KraussMaffei Berstorff, who has an international reputation, demonstrates technical systems and solutions in the field of rubber extrusion. With its cutting-edge and high value-added extrusion technology, KraussMaffei Berstorff offers its customers a powerful, reliable and value-for-money extrusion equipment and system solution that delivers higher performance for their customers. And craft value. Its rubber extrusion equipment uses low-wear screws and barrels, combined with excellent machine components and materials, with low maintenance and high reliability. Its extrusion and calendering line has the shortest start-up time and good product quality and productivity in the production of rubber sheets. Its compound extrusion head adopts systematic mouth operation, with many functions and high efficiency.

On the side of the booth, Yiyang Rubber Machine has attracted a lot of eyeballs with a mixer of up to 6 meters. This is the upper mixer of a tandem mixer. Compared with the conventional rubber mixing process, the tandem technology has a productivity increase of nearly 80%, energy consumption reduced by 20%-50%, and construction investment can be saved by 20%-30%. This equipment has been purchased by Zhejiang customers. At the same time, the one-step intelligent rubber mixing system developed with the serial mixer as the core equipment can complete the mastering and final refining of the rubber compound at one time, with low investment, high productivity and less pollution. It has been applied to many rubber products. field.

The Guilin Rubber Machine GRM brand demonstrates its energy-saving mechanical hydraulic vulcanization technology. Water drive is replaced by hydraulic transmission, which saves water and electricity. The driving mechanism of the central mechanism component adopts a vertical push-up structure, and the service life is greatly improved, and the centering property of the tire in the mold is improved. The MTS built-in positioning shift sensor has higher positioning accuracy. According to reports, Guilin Rubber Machine's hydraulic tire vulcanizing machine, the operating rate index can reach 99.7%, a single running time of 110 seconds, power consumption can be reduced by 30%.

 With its long history and rich experience in the manufacture of engineering tire vulcanizers, Huajiao Auto Control has introduced the new energy-saving center mechanism into the engineering tire vulcanizer, which greatly shortens the curing time and reduces energy consumption. For example, the engineering tire of 23.5R25 specification is used. Tires can save nearly 80 yuan in cost. In terms of passenger tire vulcanizing machine, Huajiao's all-steel radial tire hydraulic vulcanizing machine has less vulcanization interval and maintenance downtime, and can realize 20,000 pieces of all-steel radial tires in a single machine, helping customers to save investment and transportation. Dimensional cost.

At the booth, representatives from merchants and foreign trade companies from China, Germany, France, Turkey, India, Iran and other countries and regions consulted on the product scope, technical capabilities, program support, market services, etc. In-depth communication and preliminary cooperation intentions.

Founded in 1998, Rubber Tech China is an influential professional exhibition for the rubber industry in Asia and the world. The exhibition attracted more than 700 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The exhibits covered rubber machinery, rubber raw materials, rubber chemicals, skeleton materials, tires, tire accessories, non-tire rubber products and rubber recycling resources.

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