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Fengshen Tire won the title of 2017 China Green Chemical Industry Factory

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Fengshen Tire won the title of 2017 China Green Chemical Industry Factory

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

Recently, it was learned from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation that Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of Green Factory in the petroleum and chemical industry in 2017. The “Aeolus/Wind” all-steel radial truck tire was awarded the title of Green Product in the petroleum and chemical industry in 2017.

In order to speed up the green development of the petroleum and chemical industry, and give full play to the demonstration role of advanced enterprises in green development, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the China Chemical Environmental Protection Association decided to recognize the limited shares of Fengshen Tire through organization declaration, expert review and media publicity. Forty-three companies such as the company are the green factories in the petroleum and chemical industry in 2017; the 45 products of 11 companies including “Fengshen/Wind” all-steel radial truck tires are the green products of the petroleum and chemical industry in 2017.

In recent years, Fengshen Tire has adhered to the road of new industrialization and actively created resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises. At the same time, it actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and self-raised funds to build a comprehensive utilization project for water resources, realizing the recycling of resources and “zero emissions” of corporate wastewater. Especially in the integration with Pirelli, Fengshen Tire actively draws on the advanced concepts and methods of Pirelli's environmental protection and green development. In the process of promoting the world quality brand, the technology is continuously upgraded, and the product performance is continuously improved and reached a good level. The series products represented by 27.00R49 have excellent market performance, intelligent tires in the industry, innovative industry “Internet +” new formats and new models; advanced technology genes, third-generation products in European market adopt new design, various models The product has reached the level of double B above the labeling method. At the same time as the performance of green product design products continues to improve, the green manufacturing process is also constantly upgraded, and the energy consumption per unit of tires reaches the industry level.

Fengshen Tire has passed the energy management system certification and has remarkable energy-saving benefits. It has been awarded the honorary title of Energy Efficiency Leading Unit of China Petroleum and Chemical Federation and Henan Province Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Innovation Model Enterprise for many years. It has been awarded the green enterprise of Henan Province and won the environmental responsibility of Chinese listed company. The Baijia Enterprise Award was assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a “resource-saving and environment-friendly” pilot enterprise in the domestic tire industry. It is at the forefront of the national tire industry in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection and green plant construction.

Fengshen Tire Green Factory

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