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China Chemical Industry Museum "Chemicals and Life" Science Exhibition Hall renovation project passed the acceptance

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China Chemical Industry Museum "Chemicals and Life" Science Exhibition Hall renovation project passed the acceptance

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

Recently, the “Chemicals and Life” Science and Technology Exhibition Hall renovation project undertaken by the China Chemical Industry Museum successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group organized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The renovation of the exhibition hall not only enhances the interest and interaction of the audience, but also enriches the science resources of the museum and enhances the ability of the museum science service.

The original “Chemical and National Data and People's Livelihood Relations Office” was built for a long time, and the chemical science popularization content is relatively old, which is difficult to meet the needs of visitors for the current chemical science knowledge. In addition, the interactive exhibitions of the entire museum are few and the audience experience is poor, so the transformation of the exhibition hall is more urgent. At the beginning of 2016, after nearly six months of preparation and project defense by the relevant personnel of the museum, the “Chemical and Living” Science and Technology Exhibition Hall renovation project was initiated by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and in June of that year, it was funded by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission with a total funding of 667,100 yuan. During the one-and-a-half-year intense work, the museum implementation team conducted in-depth research on the positioning of the exhibition hall, audience and exhibition content, and strictly controlled the project organization, construction progress, quality control and other aspects in accordance with the project management procedures, on June 30, 2017. The daily warranty and quantity have completed the contents of the project.

The reconstructed exhibition hall has an area of 225 square meters. There are 5 sets of interactive exhibition items, including “Chemical Kaleidoscope”, “Chemical with you every day” and “Manga Chemical”. The exhibition hall starts from the application and adopts the interactive experience. Visitors can choose according to their own interests. “Chemicals accompany you every day” begins with the daily “clothing, food, shelter and use”, allowing visitors to understand how chemicals can improve people's daily lives by operating interactive exhibits. “Chemical Kaleidoscope” explains how new chemical materials solve life's problems through interactive multimedia videos. The "Comics Chemicals" exhibition uses cartoons to draw and analyze the chemical technologies applied in "Liaoning No.", "Jilong", "Yu Rabbit" and "Changzheng No. 5", highlighting the chemical industry in the fields of national defense, aviation and aerospace. Play an important role. In order to give full play to the science education function of the exhibition hall, our library has set up a new exploration laboratory next to the exhibition hall, which will carry out the chemical science theme activities for primary and secondary school students for a long time.

The acceptance of the "Chemical and Living" Science Exhibition Hall renovation project, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission expert group conducted a rigorous review of data preparation, project management, construction quality, safety measures, etc., and raised questions and discussions on related exhibitions. During the judging, the experts also inspected the exhibition hall and conducted a review of the actual operations and knowledge points of all the exhibits. After acceptance, the experts unanimously agreed that the “Chemicals and Life” science exhibition hall renovation project organization management norms, rigorous procedures, practical and interesting exhibition items, the use of project funds in line with the special financial audit, agreed to the project passed the acceptance. Experts suggest that the museum should further improve the pertinence of the theme selection of future exhibitions, face the chemical problems that the public pays attention to, popularize the chemical knowledge for the audience in an easy-to-understand manner, eliminate the misunderstanding of “toxic, harmful and polluting” of the chemical industry, and guide the audience. The chemical industry forms a correct understanding, allowing more viewers to understand the chemical industry and the chemical industry.

Chemical industry and national economy and people's livelihood

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