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Nantong Xingchen launches epoxy resin grouting solution

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Nantong Xingchen launches epoxy resin grouting solution

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

Recently, Nantong Xingchen has launched a total solution for epoxy resin grouting applications, providing customers with a preferred formulation of composite materials (high-purity epoxy resin, curing agent and epoxy diluent), as well as the micro-kinetics of the grouting repair process. The characterization service solves the problems of customer formula optimization and cost optimization in one stop.

The concrete material is a building material with wide application and large dosage, and has the advantages of high compressive strength, good fire resistance, flexible use and convenient construction. However, due to its poor toughness, it is easy to produce cracks under the action of external force, which not only damages the appearance, but also affects the performance of use, leading to serious consequences. Therefore, the use of effective grout repair materials and measures is of great significance for restoring the waterproofness and durability of concrete.

Epoxy grouting has the advantages of wide application and easy operation, and has become a unique and indispensable technology in modern building engineering repair. Due to its low viscosity and strong penetrating power, the epoxy resin crack grouting repairing material can reach the crack roots, has high bonding strength and capacity, high strength after curing, convenient and quick construction, and can be widely used in buildings and bridges. Grouting repair of concrete cracks such as highways, hydropower dams, and airport runways. Its range of products is more resistant to atmospheric attack, UV-resistant, and has excellent antifreeze and anti-anthill functions.

Nantong Xingchen is one of the earliest epoxy resin manufacturers in China and is the chairman unit of China Epoxy Resin Industry Association. As a leading company in the industry, the company owns China's famous brand product, “Fenghuang Brand” Epoxy Resin. It has provided supporting materials for the development of “Shenzhou”, “嫦娥” and “Jade Rabbit” for many times, and has received many awards from relevant national ministries and commissions. . The company's epoxy production technology, the products have world-class quality, widely used in civil engineering, electronic appliances, aerospace, automotive, wind power and other fields.

Nantong Xingchen can provide different performance products according to customers' requirements. It is suitable for most waterproof crack repair areas. It has good penetration and waterproof ability. It can quickly replace the original dismantling and remanufacturing with repairs, which greatly saves working hours and costs customers. Better experience. The company has a complete set of product testing and evaluation system, through the rapid analysis of the development of complete product solutions, to provide customers with more professional services.

The company's overall solution has been unanimously recognized by customers. The Nantong City Steam Ferry Terminal Maintenance Project shall carry out crack repair on the surface of the dock slope protection, and it is required to complete the solidification quickly in the very short time of the Yangtze River. Under the damp situation of the dock base, the company successfully completed the project construction, successfully solved the customer demand, and effectively opened up the emerging application market.

Concrete material

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