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Chinas chemical equipment bidding electronic trading platform officially launched online

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Chinas chemical equipment bidding electronic trading platform officially launched online

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

On April 25th, the electronic trading platform for bidding and tendering of China's chemical equipment was officially put into operation. With the platform, the business of China Chemical Equipment Tendering Center is fully connected to the Internet + to realize the informationization and intelligent upgrade.

Using this platform, users can achieve full control of the bidding process, and facilitate and standardize bidding behavior. The electronic platform adopts electronic interactive technology such as online bidding, bid evaluation and clarification. Both bidding and bidding greatly shorten the process time, improve work efficiency, and reduce the cost of business trips from different places. The electronic evaluation of bids makes the evaluation elements in the bidding documents clearer and easier to review, which improves the efficiency of the experts and staff, and thus makes the operation of the whole bidding work more standardized and smooth.

The electronic trading platform for bidding and tendering of China's chemical equipment was developed and operated by Huaxia Hanhua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Chemical Equipment. In accordance with the goal of the electronic bidding system in the “Internet +” Bidding Procurement Action Plan (2017-2019) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the platform has fulfilled the e-bidding requirements of the bidding business 2017, and entered the bidding business 2019 informationization. In the intelligent stage, we will improve the level and capability of China's chemical equipment recruitment and bidding service.

About China Chemical Equipment Tendering Center

As a professional tendering agency under the China National Chemical Corporation, Huaxia Hanhua provides planning and design, engineering contracting, tendering agency, equipment supervision, anti-corrosion construction and product development for the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power, light industry, textile and other industries. , sales service, import and export, complete sets of equipment, supply of special materials, various related technical consulting services, etc., provide special bidding agency services for the construction and technical transformation projects of the chemical industry, and expand the business areas to petrochemical, metallurgical, and colored , pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries.

China Chemical Equipment Bidding

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