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Yiyang rubber machine pushes the new mixer

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Yiyang rubber machine pushes the new mixer

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

Recently, Yiyang Rubber Machinery's leading product mixer, another new product, GN-275, was successfully produced and delivered as scheduled, creating a precedent for the company's new product development design, manufacturing that year, and effective results that year. This is a new step for the company's growing series of mixers, and it has taken a substantial step toward product transformation and upgrading.

       This model is mainly designed and developed for the upgraded version of the GN-255 internal mixer used by customers. It can be directly replaced with the GN-275 mixer mainframe on the basis of the existing GN255 internal mixer. The GN-275 mixer mainly combines the features and advantages of the GK-270N and GN-300 mixers produced by the company: the use of a shaft-type rotor structure improves the strength and rigidity of the rotor; the slender rotor shape can greatly Increase the ability of the rotor to eat glue; forced large cooling circulation channel design, can effectively ensure the exchange and control of temperature. The mixer can be widely applied to the mastication, mixing and finalization of various rubber compounds, and is especially suitable for the mixing and finalization of radial tire rubber compounds.

With the continuous improvement of the level of automation of the mixer process, the speed of the mixer is increasing, and the requirements of the mixer are getting higher and higher. To this end, Yiyang Rubber Machinery has continuously innovated on the basis of introducing and digesting German technology. At present, the series of mixers has been expanded to more than 30 specifications and models, and the expansion of the mixer to large capacity and tandem one-step method With the development of rubber, we are striving to make our products move towards intelligentization, in order to comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of rubber machinery products, and can adapt to the new development of rubber machinery and equipment for rubber and tire industries.

New mixer

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