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Changyi Petrochemical weighbridge unattended management system trial operation succeeded

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Changyi Petrochemical weighbridge unattended management system trial operation succeeded

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

As of the end of October, Changyi Petrochemical's ground-level personnel had been working for half a month, and all the measurement indicators met the expected requirements, marking the successful commissioning of the company's unmanned management system. The successful implementation of the system has greatly improved the management level of “standardized, refined and intelligent” of Changyi Petrochemical.

 The Changyi Petrochemical Weighbridge Unattended Management System is a smart weighing system that combines “automatic metering system, remote monitoring system, anti-cheating system, voice command system, weighing image instant capture system, traffic light control system, and gate control system”. Management system. First, the driver will load the vehicle on the scale, and the system automatic identification system reads the electronic tag bound to the vehicle to realize the one-to-one identification function of the vehicle. If the driver confirms the card correctly, he can automatically weigh it and automatically print the small ticket in the weighbridge to display the weighing information. At the same time, the overweight management personnel can remotely monitor the vehicle's overweight process and handle some special situations, such as checking the abnormal weighing of the vehicle, and giving voice guidance to drivers who do not operate. That is to say, in the case of no one intervention, the “measurement, accuracy, safety and reliability” is completed to complete the weighing measurement process, which improves the informationization and automation of the system.

Changyi Petrochemical's overweight unattended management system was fully commissioned and put into use, which played a role in intelligent control of material in and out. The management department can summarize the current production and logistics status through the system summary report. The financial settlement department can get clear and accurate settlement statements. The storage and transportation department can accurately understand the situation of receiving and delivering goods. All kinds of information are summarized into reports to realize remote transmission, various management instructions to achieve remote control execution, improve management efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Intelligent control

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