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Blue Star Beihua Machinerys first set of CSP molten salt heat storage system successfully operated

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Blue Star Beihua Machinerys first set of CSP molten salt heat storage system successfully operated

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

On August 26th, Blue Star (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Blue Star Beihua Machine) designed and manufactured the molten salt heat storage demonstration system, the first commercial operation in Qinghai Zhongkong Solar Power Co., Ltd. (Delingha) The solar concentrating molten salt heat 10 MW (MW) power station has achieved successful operation. The application of this system has filled the gap in the field of commercial molten salt heat storage equipment in China, marking that domestic solar thermal power generation has officially entered the molten salt storage. Can the era.

Solar thermal power generation refers to the use of large-scale array parabolic or dish-shaped mirrors to collect solar thermal energy, provide steam through heat exchange devices, and combine the technology of traditional steam turbine generators to achieve power generation. The molten salt energy storage system stores the excess solar energy in the form of molten salt heat during the daytime sunshine, so that it can continue to generate electricity in the rainy weather without light and at night without light. The molten salt energy storage system designed by Bluestar Beihua is domestic, including high and low temperature molten salt storage tanks, preheating system and high temperature corrosion resistant valves. It has won 4 national invention patents and solved the solar thermal power storage. The technical bottleneck of energy has broken the monopoly of foreign technology and formed independent intellectual property rights.

According to the draft of the 13th Five-Year Plan for the new energy industry, by the end of 2020, the total installed capacity of China's CSP will reach 10 million kilowatts, and a number of solar thermal power station demonstration projects will be promoted. The use of molten salt as the heat transfer and heat storage medium of the CSP system will enable the CSP to extract energy from the sun and convert it into a stable and adjustable electric energy at low cost. The molten salt energy storage system can also be used for wind power generation, converting cheap and surplus night wind power into electricity that can be utilized during peak power supply, and realizing the peak of valley electricity. Therefore, the molten salt energy storage designed and manufactured by Bluestar Northernization Machine The system has a good application prospect and market development space.

Solar thermal power generation

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