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Domestic large-scale coiled-tube heat exchanger was successfully installed in Bluestar Machinery

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Domestic large-scale coiled-tube heat exchanger was successfully installed in Bluestar Machinery

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

Recently, the domestic large DN3300 reforming mixed feed heat exchanger (also known as the coiled heat exchanger) achieved a one-time successful assembly in Sichuan Lanxing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Blue Star Machinery). The “horizontal lifting method” used in the innovation saves a lot of time and cost for the production of this product.

It is understood that this set of heat exchangers is independently developed and contracted by Bluestar Machinery and is intended to be used in a 900,000-ton/year diesel hydro-upgrading unit in Shandong. “This heat exchanger is an important equipment in the petroleum refining process. It is more than 20 meters long and 3.3 meters in diameter, with a total of more than 170 tons, of which the internal parts reach more than 110 tons. However, due to its special material (stainless steel) There are many pipes (more than 6,800) and the book (∅15X1mm), plus the shell and inner parts are high temperature parts (550 °C), so the precision is higher, the process is more complicated, and the manufacturing is very difficult.” Bluestar Machinery Project is responsible for People introduced. The heat exchanger has optimized heat transfer process performance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, and is resistant to operation fluctuations. It is an ideal high reliability equipment in the continuous reforming device, so the market development prospect is promising.

Blue Star Machinery has made a bold attempt as a chemical equipment manufacturer in the west. In 2014, after the successful development of the WHG gasifier, an integrated innovative energy-saving coiled-tube heat exchanger was developed, which accumulated rich manufacturing experience. In the assembly process of the large-scale coiled-tube heat exchanger, in order to solve the problem that the special tube bundle of the material can not be squeezed by any external force, the blue-and-white mechanical research and development personnel have continuously explored and innovatively adopted the “horizontal lifting method”. The inner part does not move, the outer casing is picked up by two driving vehicles, and another driving is carried out for assembly. According to estimates, compared with the "vertical lifting method", the "horizontal lifting method" is not only safer and more reliable, but also saves more than 10 in total assembly time and costs about 150,000. This is an innovative new way for enterprises to innovate production models under the new normal.

Blue Star Machinery

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