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Shenyang Chemical New Plant District successfully drove

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Shenyang Chemical New Plant District successfully drove

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

Shenyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, has completed the project of “Double 200,000 tons” (200,000 tons/year PVC paste resin and 200,000 tons/year caustic soda). After 20 months of intense construction and careful commissioning, a brand new modern large-scale chemical production enterprise has finally appeared in front of the world.

It will become the first and the world's top three PVC paste resin production base in Asia; it will be the caustic soda production enterprise with the highest level of technology in the country; after the whole operation of the equipment here, it will promote the overall sales revenue of listed chemical company Shenyang Chemical Industry to further increase.

In 2012, in accordance with the planning and deployment of China National Chemical Corporation and Bluestar, combined with the new urban layout of Shenyang City, Shenyang Chemical began to plan the overall relocation and upgrading work. In the overall design and engineering construction of the plant, the company adopts international advanced technology and strives to build a large-scale chlor-alkali chemical and fine chemical production base in China. At the beginning of May 2014, the project officially started construction. In the new plant area of 880,000 square meters, the building with a total area of 200,000 square meters rose from the ground, with 17,200 valves, more than 1900 sets/set of process equipment, and more than 6,000 sets/sets. Instrumentation equipment, 825 units/piece of instrumentation equipment installed, 220,000 meters of pipeline, 800,000 meters of cable laying

With the joint efforts of the project team, in the middle and late November last year, Shenyang Chemical New Plant has test conditions. However, in the north, a new set of chemical production equipment driving in winter will face many thorny problems such as freezing of materials, freezing of pipelines, and unstable data transmission. The risk of failure is great. Moreover, Shenyang Chemical's product line is very long, from the front-end caustic soda device to the end of the PVC paste resin finished packaging, dozens of processes need to be opened one by one. Risk is at hand, but the opportunity is at hand. At this time, a number of chlor-alkali enterprises in the Northeast have been shut down, acid-base chlorine products have become tight; domestic PVC paste resin industry will have a large capacity to withdraw, which is a good time for Shenhua to seize market share. At the same time, driving at this moment can also achieve an effective connection between the new factory and the old factory. The Shenyang Chemical Management team decided to seize this opportunity. After careful analysis, they formulated several sets of careful driving plans and emergency plans for dealing with winter production. The general manager personally led the driving team to eat and live on the scene for more than a month, and prepared for driving one by one. On December 22, the caustic soda plant in the new plant was officially powered. In the following half of the month, the driving team relied on excellent technical ability and self-dedication, in the weather of minus 20 °C, climbing ice and snow, 24 hours to stand up, overcome difficulties, and achieved a successful start of the device. Created a new record for chemical installations in winter.

Shenyang Chemical, which has opened a new chapter of development, will further develop its role as a strong R&D team in China and take a step forward in product refinement and serialization. After the expansion of the leading product PVC paste resin capacity, the market competitiveness will be greatly improved. Six new brands, such as environmentally friendly paste resin, high transparent paste resin, and urethane paste resin for carpet adhesive, which have been researched and developed for two years, will be Put on the market, coupled with the industry-leading grades of vinegar paste resin, medical glove paste resin, Shenyang Chemical's market share in PVC paste resin will further increase, becoming a veritable industry NO.1.

Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

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