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Bluestar Northernization Machine products landed in the Czech Republic through EU standards

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Bluestar Northernization Machine products landed in the Czech Republic through EU standards

Date of release:2019-05-06 Author: Click:

On June 1st, 10 large transport vehicles of the Blue Star Beihua Machine Pingyuan Plant area were lined up. The car was loaded with two sets of caustic soda evaporation equipment manufactured by the Blue Star Northernization Machine for the Czech member Spolchemie. These 16 units are made of special stainless steel and nickel metal materials. The large one is 11.5 meters long and weighs 8.4 tons. It will arrive in the Czech Republic by sea along the direction of “One Belt, One Road”.

As early as January 2014, Bluestar Beihua had signed a supply contract with Czech Spolchemie. For various reasons, the contract was not valid until October 1, 2014, and the production time of Bluestar North Chemical was so large. Compression overcomes all kinds of difficulties. In addition, the standard of production and processing of Bluestar North Chemical Machinery is China's general "pressure vessel design and manufacturing specifications", and Spolchemie company acceptance is based on the European Union's "EN13445" standard, the two standards are quite different. EU standards have new requirements in design, materials, processes, welding and flaw detection, and the processing accuracy of equipment is highly difficult. At the same time, Spolchemie requires Bluestar Northernization Machine to entrust a German certification company to track and supervise the design, manufacture and inspection of the device to ensure quality.

During the implementation of the project, Bluestar North Chemical Co., Ltd. cross-overs the design, procurement, manufacturing and other aspects to greatly improve work efficiency. In the face of world standards, Bluestar Northernization Machine has sent six flaw detection technologies from the technical personnel. Personnel, 3 design engineers and 38 welder backbones went to the qualification training institutions for professional training and obtained corresponding qualification certificates; in order to ensure the quality of this batch of equipment, engineers and technicians are meticulous in every process and every production link. . The special rubber is laid on the construction site to ensure that the appearance of the workpiece is not scratched and the contamination of the workpiece by iron ions is also prevented. The workpiece is strictly used according to the standard in the hoisting and transportation. The large workpiece with a length of more than ten meters is not scratched.

The technical strength of Bluestar Northernization Machine conquered the foreign experts who performed the supervision and witness work on the spot. They began to doubt the full confidence of the product and the sincere admiration of the Blue Star Northernization Engineering and Technical personnel.

The departure of the two sets of equipment not only marks the official entry of the Blue Star Beihua machine into the European market, but also marks the official connection between the company's production capacity and technical strength and the European market, laying a solid foundation for future entry into Europe and the world market.

Caustic soda plant evaporation equipment

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